Starting Balance Invoice missing description

On entering starting balance invoices we had defined description

Those descriptions are missing from the Unpaid invoices listing

description shown at the invoice listing

You are correct. This happens because the same code is used to generate the display for several different situations. It does not always make sense to show the same things, however. So sometimes, columns are left blank.

I wonder why you are doing this, however. You have been using Manager for quite a while. Why are you entering all these sales invoices in Starting Balances? Starting Balances are only entered when you migrate an existing business from a previous accounting system.

I am entering for migration existing business to manager

System must be consistent
So must show description which user put correctly

Agreed, regardless if its a starting balance invoice or a post starting date invoice - an entered description should be displayed - so I will make this a bug due to the inconsistency.

I don’t understand or follow the logic of other explanations.

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The logic is quite simple. The same code is used to display many different things. Sometimes, what is being displayed in a particular situation does not include some elements the display format would accommodate in other situations.

Perhaps to you, but your second explanation is even more double dutch than the first.
Keeping it simple, if a user enters a description then it’s expected to be used, not ignored.

Fixed in the latest version (20.2.60)

thanks, will check and get back to you after tested

Thanks @lubos
it’s working properly