Customer : Batch Create : Starting Balance is not working

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Please help us check, “Customer : Batch Create : Starting Balance is not working”
I’m using version “19.7.67”
I was imported following data from excel using Batch Create
after imported
Account Receivable shown negative
Available Balance is not correct too
when i drilled down Account Receivable
when i clicked edit, it shown available credit, instead of “unpaid invoice”

Customers’ starting balance credit should be entered through unpaid invoices not through starting balance. Please read the guides.

So, I want to know purpose of having starting balance column in batch create.
Yes, I knew that we can record AR or AP starting balance able to key in from unpaid invoice under settings >> starting balance

Starting balance should be used only for debits Vs clients. So it makes sense to have the column.

That said, being batch create and update a sort of direct writing to the database, you may find around same columns not useful for a contingent account writing.

This is not correct. Available credits are not connected with unpaid invoices. See Unpaid invoices from before the start date are entered in accordance with the Guide to produce debits to Accounts receivable. Starting balance credits represent credit available to the customer that is not associated with other transactions.

To enter available credit. Do not be confused by the name of the variable. But once a business is established, new customers should never have a starting balance.

Again, this is not true. You have it backwards.

@San_Thida_Myo_Latt, when you create new customers, it is very doubtful you should be entering anything in this column. Starting balances are used only when migrating to Manager from another accounting system. New customers to an existing business would almost never come with starting balances, available credits, or unpaid invoices. How could they?

my intention to use batch create for customer and supplier was migration from old system or manual
i have 100 plus customer and they have outstanding balance, so I don’t want to add one by one for unpaid invoice and assume that when I enter “StartingBalance” in excel will be save to “unpaid invoice”
If system allow user to add “Starting Balance” in excel, like Opening Qty in Inventory will be very nice for us.

You simply cannot set starting balances for customers without entering unpaid invoices because you would not be able to post receipts against them, issue credit notes, etc.

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There is a reason why it’s important to enter unpaid invoices - not just starting balance.

  1. If those invoices gets paid, Manager needs to know accounts and tax codes on those unpaid invoices so it can generate correct financial statements and tax reports on cash-basis. If Manager would know only starting balance, it wouldn’t have enough information to give you correct figures on cash-basis.
  2. Entering unpaid invoices gives you nice benefit of being able to generate complete customer statements on day one. Your customers are not being affected by your switch to different accounting system.
  3. If there is dispute or need to reconcile customer or supplier balance, it’s much easier because you have those invoices in Manager.

Reasons #2 and #3 are nice to have. Reason #1 is the main reason to enter unpaid invoices.


Thanks for your explanation