Start Date Changes as Transactions are Entered

I recently discovered your program and like the simplicity and the fact that I can use it on my Mac and my Windows machine. As a result I am converting from MS Money and entering new data but have run into a problem.
I have set up my various accounts and set a start date of 1/11/2016. This has worked well in most of the accounts but in one case the start date changes as I enter new transactions. As I enter new transactions the start date progresses by one day at a time and any transactions in the prior dates are excluded from the running total. If I delete the new transaction the start date reverts back to the global start date.
I tried deleting the data in that account, then deleted the account itself and then re-created the account but the same problem exists.
I would appreciate some assistance in solving this problem.

What operating system?
What version of Manager (under About Manager)?
What account does this, and is it one of the automatic ones created by the program as certain tabs are enabled, or did you set it up yourself?

Hi Tut,

Thank you for the superfast response. Very impressive.

Earlier this morning I tried entering the data into my Windows 10 machine and syncing that with the Mac. On this basis the Mac details are correct and the Start Date doesn’t change.

In response to your questions:

  1. MacOS Sierra on a MacBook Pro

  2. Manager 16.3.21

  3. Bank Account which I set up myself. The tabs are: Receive Money, Spend Money, Transfer Money, Import Bank Statement, Search

I am not sure where we go from here as entering from the Windows machine seems to have eliminated the previous problem.

Any suggestions?


On the Mac, can you do a screenshot of the account with the correct start date.
Then do a transaction which causes the start date to change and do another screenshot.
The screenshots need to illustrate what you see, perhaps a screenshot of the transaction as well.

I think your problem is simple. Your Mac is many hundreds of updates out of date. Many features have been added since then, some of which required changes in the data structure. All new versions of Manager can call and open older data files. But in doing so, they update them to the latest structure. When you then call that file from an older version of program, you get problems.

If you are going to go back and forth between operating systems, you MUST be sure both machines have the same version of the program. That part is easy. The hard part is that you now seem to have called your data file with two different versions. So the fix is:

  1. Determine which version (on your PC or Mac) is the latest. I am guessing it is your PC. Make a backup of your data from that machine. Put the backup somewhere accessible to the other computer. This could be DropBox, a USB flash drive, or a stand-alone network drive.

  2. Update both machines from

  3. Open Manager on whichever machine previously had the newest version and make sure all works well.

  4. Open Manager on the machine that had the older version, but which now has the current version. Check whether things work properly. They might.

  5. If they don’t work properly, rename your business so you can recognize it. Import the backup file via Add Business. This should now all work correctly.

  6. If everything works, remove the older version of the business that you renamed in #5.

Hi Tut,

Thanks for your response.

Your instructions are simple and straight forward but there is something strange with my MBP.

I did the backup as you suggested and deleted Manager from the Windows machine and the Mac.

I then downloaded the latest version of Manager to the Windows machine and loaded the data file… all good.

I downloaded the Mac version of Manager to the Mac but was unable to load the program. When I double click the dmg file it says that it is opening but nothing happens from that point. I tried it a number of times but can’t get Manager running on the Mac. I have checked in Applications and there is no entry there.

I am confused to say the very least as one of the main reasons for using Manager was to be able to use it on both machines.

Any ideas?



Point 2 above only stated "Update both machines from"
Just for future reference - no need to delete Manger before updating, unless circumstances really dictate otherwise. I’m not a Mac user so can’t assist with the download / install.

Did you follow these instructions for your Mac? To the letter?

If your Mac won’t open a disk image and mount the imaged disk, the problem lies with your computer, not Manager.

Using OS Sierra here
Haven’t had any issue…