Modify the start date of Bank account

I started using manager on 1st Oct 2015, so I set up a new bank account in the Bank TAB on the same day, however my actual bank account was pre-existing for many years,
I now want to add transactions to Manager (& subsequestly the bank account in manager) that occurred prior to 1st October 2015 (only 3 months worth from 1st July to 30 sept), but I am having trouble.
Is it because my bank account in manager cant accept payments prior to the day it was opened? Can I edit the opening day of my back account? Thanks

You will need to set a Start Date under settings prior to your first transactions. Then, if there were transactions in other accounts, you will have to enter them, as well. If you had opening balances in any accounts, you will need to adjust them for the new Start Date, too.

Why not change your Start Date to July 1.

If the bank account didn’t exist in Manager until that date, how can there be Manager transactions prior to that date. The bank can only have transactions after it became created in Manager.

Your Bank account starting balance, assuming that it equalled the actual bank account balance, would already reflect those payments, so doing the payments again would be a duplication.

If you have taken up Purchase Invoices dated prior to the Start Date that were also paid prior to the Start Date then you need to take up those payments as Journals - see sample below


Thanks! It was the start date I couldn’t find, but you gave me the right clues to find it. I was trying to modify the start date just for bank account but it needed to be a global change, thanks! I have reset start date to 1st July and I am back on track.

Thanks! You’re exactly right, it was the start date I needed to change, I just couldnt find it. Thanks!! All sorted now.