Changing bank account

I have just started using Manager as I am using Mac and the software I was using in Windows is not compatible. I, therefore, have to manually enter all the data from the previous program (tedious, but necessary(. Whilst doing so I allowed two payments to be placed in the ‘suspense’ account instead of the cheque account. How do I transfer them to the cheque account? I’m sorry if the answer is already there, but I could not find in in the guide or on this forum.

How did you enter those “payments”? If you have entered them as journal entries, then you have to delete those journal entries and recreate those transactions as regular payments under Bank Accounts tab. Journal entries are not allowed to debit or credit bank accounts.

@Phil, you also don’t need to re-enter previous data. Read the Guide about Start Date and search the forum on “migrating.” For most accounts, you can set starting balances as of your start date. Accounts receivable and payable require you to enter (with original issue dates before your start date) any sales or purchase invoices not yet paid. And fixed assets are entered in a separate tab. The bottom line is that you can take a snapshot of your financial position as of your start date and move forward with Manager.

Thanks for the response. I made such a mess of setting it up that I started again