Standard Invoice does not show Qty or Unitprice

When I create an invoice, with the standard available invoice layout, this invoice does not show Qty. and Unitprice.
It shows however the discount and the Value (unitprice -/- discount) and the custom fields I added.

When I go to us the available template (settings/view templates) and create an invoice with this template, it will show me
both Quantity and Unitprice as well as Discount and Value, but not the custom fields that I added.

I would like to see an invoice that shows Qty., UnitPrice, Discount, Value as well as the custom fields I added. Can this be integrated in the standard available invoice layout ?

Layout 1:

Layout 2:

Oh and it seems that the language of the 2nd invoice is fixed English, where I would need Portuguese.

Columns on the standard invoice will generally only show if you have entered something in the applicable field for that column on one of the line items in the invoice. This is true even though there may be a default value when you create the invoice. You need to actually put something in the column.

As to the second invoice template, that is only a starting point to create your own custom HTML invoice. In fact, it does not include many of the features of the standard invoice, such as showing amounts that might be credited or the Paid in Full stamp. I think this is a big shortcoming. At any rate, if you want Portuguese in a custom view template, you will have to create one yourself. Translations only apply to the standard.

Thanks for clearing that up Tut. When I manually override the default value, it works fine !