SQL update error

Hi guys,

I got these few naughty program errors.
It started when I’ve tried to apply bank rule to uncoded statement lines. It didn’t work so I went to check bank rules and on click Update got this:

Then wanted to save backup file and got this:

Feels like file could be damaged or gone.
If no one had anything similar, possibly it can be related to pcloud which I am using as main cloud storage. So take this as possible warning.
Will come back with additional information when have.


if you look at that file location outside of Manager, what do you see? Can that data file be found, copied, and opened?

The first thing to do is update your software. Several internal errors have recently been fixed. You’re almost 75 versions behind.

ok, can confirm that problem is pcloud or the way it syncs files.
Luckily sync manager didn’t synchronise the file in a cloud yet, so I’ve managed to download copy, although all changes have been lost.
The file itself is damaged and no longer being recognised as file. I can see it in file list, but not open or perform any usual actions.
It’s not the first time I encounter similar issues with pcloud, so sent complaint to them to see what they will do. If anyone else is using pcloud, please be very careful. It doesn’t happen very often, but it happens. In my case, deadline to file accounts for customer is 31/10 so I could be in huge trouble.

Will update when have response from pcloud.