Attempt to write read-only database error


I updated Manager Desktop to the latest version and am experiencing frequent Internal Error messages from the program. So far this is occurring while I update a custom report and after several attempts, without changing anything on the settings of the report, it accepts the update.

Is there a bug or something on this version of Manager? thank you.

All internal errors are the result of bugs, so I’ve put this topic into bugs. It will help troubleshoot if you can furnish more details about what triggers the error.

Thank you Tut. so far it’s all random. I created another report with exact fields no errors. I then cloned the last created report, removed a field updated and after re-recreated the same field, got the error this time.

@lonzu_65 where are your accounting files stored? If they are stored in some synchronization folder, then it’s possible that something else is constantly locking the database while it’s being synchronized with the cloud.

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Yes Lubos, the database is being synchronised in the cloud. I will disable the sync and replace it with a daily backup at the end of the day. I will let you know how it behaves. Thanks.

Out of curiosity what sync program are you using? As far as I know, Dropbox and similar do not cause this issue. They are mindful the database they are syncing could be in use.

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Webroot Secure Anywhere. It provides security against ransomware

Hi Lubos,
Apparently this was the cause for the internal error. Since I disabled the sync, I haven’t had any issues.
Thank you.