Spend cash transactions coming up as yesterday

No matter how many times I set the “cleared” to todays date, it keeps reverting upon save to yesterday.

I don’t know if it’s a daylight savings issue or some other anomaly, but no amount of getting out of the file and reloading it is fixing it.

I’ve just downloaded the latest 16.9.98 and the problem is still persisting:

When I very first entered the cleared date, I clicked today, but upon saving and getting the balance screen it’s reverted to 01/10.

I suppose this can be disregarded…

I just went and made one of the payments cleared a week ago and when I went back, the main page had them ALL updated to the correct date!?!??! WTF?

INCLUDING the payment I made CLEARED a week ago!

This is what I did…

edited an existing entry and backdated it to last month:

and upon pressing update it cleared to 2/10/16 (not 26/9/16 as expected) but then all the others became correct also.

I’ve edited it back to 2/10 and all seems good in the world.

I’ve spoken too early…

Any help in nutting out this problem would be appreciated.

@Lubos will be here soon

it’s 3am here in Aus, I doubt it, only silly numb skulls like me are up at this hour lol

I am confused as to how this is reporting differently in different screens.

So just to add, without making any mods at all, here are two screen shots:

The above from the cash accounts screen

and this from the summary view.

The date is coming up correct here:

But no amount of editing will change it here:

This may be related to another date/time bug that was recently fixed. I’ve moved the topic to the Bugs category for attention.

I downloaded the latest version as of just a few moments ago (version 16.10.0) and the data is still mis-dated to the first.

Interestingly, I’m finding the problem exists ONLY with the date 2016-10-02. post dating it to the 3rd seems to work, but setting anything as the 2nd fails to the first. Backdating the 3rd to the 2nd also reverts to the 1st.

With v16.10.1, it doesn’t happen to me. Where I am, it is still October 2nd. I can enter a cash payment, cleared as of Oct. 2, and it remains as Oct. 2. So I don’t know whether this was fixed between v16.10.0 and v16.10.1, or whether this is something deeper related to time zone problems.

I’m able to reproduce this issue.

It is related to your current timezone change where the offset from UTC changes with daylight saving time. It makes it impossible to select 2/10/2016 because technically this day lasted only 23 hours in your timezone. I know it’s weird but I’m working on a fix.

The latest version (16.10.2) is fixing this issue.

lol, I’d just finished uploading a video to show it.

tested and works. Thanks @lubos