Spend and Receive money as separate buttons

@lubos Is it possible to have the Spend and Receive money as separate buttons like before within the 2 transaction screens.
It saves extra clicks/time and reduces errors due to “mismousing” the wrong dropdown.
All part of a user-friendly gui :slight_smile: )

Using desktop version 17.9.39

Had a look round but couldn’t see this specific asked for before, apologies if its a repeat.

Top-level tabs have always just one button at most. I don’t think being inconsistent with 1-2 tabs is going to be more user-friendly.

Another reason is that when you are in Cash Transactions tab, I really want users to click New Cash Transaction button before choosing to “spend” or “receive” money.

This is to put emphasis that both transactions are “cash transaction” type. This is important because other places like sales invoices might have button Receive money and underneath are sub-options such as New Bank Transaction, New Cash Transaction.

See? It’s like the other way around. You know what exactly will happen when you click New Cash Transaction button under Receive money because you’ve seen it under Cash Transactions tab the exact same way except it was the other way around.

What I’m trying to achieve is to convince users that it makes no difference whether cash transaction is recorded under Cash Transactions tab or under Sales Invoices tab using Receive money button. It will have the same impact.

At the end, it’s all about the balance. If I’d go extreme and try to eliminate all “unnecessary” clicks, Manager would be a lot more difficult understand.

Here’s the topic where lubos explains his reasoning behind removing the multiple button interface:

Edit: He replied at the same time!

Thanks for the replies, I understand the thinking behind it and will work with it.
Personally I think usability is improved by visibility rather than burying in layers but that’s my own view.
Still a great program and love using it. :slight_smile: