Button that flips between Receive Money and Spend Money

I find myself realizing that I entered a Spend Money bank transaction as a Receive Money bank transaction or vice versa. Would be nice if I could have a button I could click on and the transaction would flip from a spend to a receive or from a receive to a spend.

Also seems to me that would be nice to clone a spend transaction and flip it to a receive transaction and vice versa. For example, you spend money to buy. Then 8 days later you get a full or partial refund. You could clone the spend transaction, then flip it to a receive transaction, put today’s date, adjust the amount if necessary, change the comment if necessary, and you are done.

What I do now is open a second window and create the opposite transaction. Then I copy each field from window to window. Then I delete one of the transactions (hopefully the incorrect one), and create the new transaction. If I deleted the wrong one, I have to start all over again.

In a journal entry, flipping would make credits into debits and debits into credits. In Cash and Bank transactions, flipping changes spends into receives and receives into spends.

If this kind of feature already exists, I hope you will help me find it. Maybe someone can suggest something easier than what I am doing with the two windows to manually flip a receive to a spend or vice versa.

Also, would be nice for others to comment whether they see usefulness in being able to flip transactions to their opposite.

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for touch screen yes, for mouse and keyboard user, nope, not much different in terms of flip UI. for apparent ‘clone feature’ depends on whether the ‘flip ui’ is being considered by others. This idea may not in priority due to how current manager is being designed.

I don’t know of any Manager smartphone app. But Manager’s being browser based, I have used manager from my smart phone (I have Cloud Edition). So, I can see your point that viewing and copying between two places in Manager with a touch screen is very awkward. Or, maybe I did not understand what you were saying.

I think you are saying that when you have a mouse and keyboard, highlighting, copying, and pasting the few fields is fairly easy. I am thinking that it is still significantly more keystrokes and mouse clicks than a button to flip a transaction between Receive Money and Spend Money. If you press me with how often the need comes up to flip, maybe the need does not arise often enough to justify adding a flip feature?

For me, I do need all the help I can get to prevent and fix all the mistakes I make. Then too, I think flipping a cloned transaction can be just recording what actually happened and not due to any mistakes.

I suppose we COULD just put a minus sign in the amount box. I suppose a negative credit is equivalent to a positive debit. But that seems kind of weird to me to have some negative debits and negative credits mixed in with positive debits and negative credits.

Anyone ever find themselves backing out a Spend or Receive transaction to enter the same amounts and information as the reverse transaction?

Can I say that the difference between Spend Money & Receive Money is pretty clear - I don’t think I would mistake one for the other :slight_smile:

Yes, Joe91 is right that conceptually Spend Money and Receive Money is intuitive.

Seems like mistakes still happen even though you are very careful and mistakes don’t make sense.

Even without any mistakes, I think sometimes you need to make and entry and then later make a reverse of the entry. For example, a purchase and later return-refund. Or maybe you are allocating weekly payroll between two years.

You might want to flip a Journal Entry you made.

I think this flip idea originates partly from having mistakes happen and partly from liking the Cloning feature. Very nice to be able to clone and edit which helps like transactions to be entered in like manner.