Specified Period for Invoices & Other Areas

Hey form.
Is there any chance that a specified period option could be added to invoices and other necessary areas. it would really make things simpler and one would not have to go to reports just to find out a total for a specific period.
Right now i have to search to get a quick total for just one day. But the ability to filter within dates is not possible. Like from 07/07/2020 to 14/7/2020

I don’t think that this is the right place for what you are asking. It’s more a reporting issue.

I know that reports can provide way more analysis. but one has go to reports to do such a basic function. It would really save a lot of time. It’'s just a suggestion.

If It Is not a report what you are asking is an advanced search which has been in the Ideas section for years.

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@Xcode, all you have to do is Edit the specified period on the Summary page. Then you can drill down for that period on any account. See the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/5490.

That is only applicable to Summery page. It does not work for Supplier, Customers & Invoices.
One has to go to reports to get a total for a specific period of time.

Adding specific periods filter to sales and purchase invoices for example would not only make it quicker but would also help in getting totals for custom numeric fields & Status of the invoices for that period much faster. Why do one has to go reports just to know how many invoices one has created for that specific period. Reports can be used for drilling down some specific information.

I hope you will understand what i trying to say…

I understand. Buy one thing is a more specific and advanced search (I agree se need it) and one is getting totals and other results. This should remains inside Reports.