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1- Is there in way to search by date period? (Ex. 12/12/2020 till 15/12/2020)?

2- Why is the number of rows not calculated for the search (for example, as in the picture below, through the search, many clients have been found in this field, so I want to know how many there are, but there is no feature that shows this thing, so I need to count them manually).

3- In Bank & Cash Accounts, When i search (for Ex. 01/2020) it will shown all the transaction in this period, but there is no balance shown. it will just shown the transaction amount, that is why we need to do period search if the manager not included yet.

4- Also, when i give a limited Permissions for users in Receipt & Payment plus invoice, i don’t want for this user to see my bank & cash account details & balance, he have only permission to create the receipt only. But, when i go to receipt and i did not give the bank and cash permission, he will not allow to choice the payment way(Received in - will be empty), there is any way to give this user the permission to create the Receipt and choice the account we received in without any access to see the Bank & Cash Balance & Details

Thank you

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No. Searches are for literal strings. See Search for records | Manager.

Balances in bank or cash accounts are running balances. Once you have searched for partial results, a running balance makes no sense, because the transactions listed do not contribute to whatever the balance was at a certain date.

Please limit your posts to a single topic. You will receive better answers.

Okay i will re-post the other points to get better answers.

Regarding the search, there is any hop to add search by period for transaction? it is very important things that manager need to have it. Thank you