Spacing an Invoice and delivery notes to fit an A4 page

I have just started using Manager and am impressed.

My invoices contain usually 1 or 2 items. but when I print the invoice it is all on top of the page. Is there a setting on how to space the whole invoice out on the A4 page? Instead of adding blank lines each time you print an invoice.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, you will have to add blank lines if you want invoice to fill the document.

… or use scissors to cut the bottom of the paper off so the invoice is in the centre of what’s left.

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Thanks Jon. I d say you are an asset in any business!!! :wink:


I’ve got to admit, this made me laugh.

The optimist sees the page as half full. The pessimist sees the page as half empty. The engineer sees the paper as twice as long as it ought to be.

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Add blank lines probably works.
Or just keep it as it is - does it really matter ?