Manager requires size A4 invoice printing option. In a corporate sector billing isn’t A4 size.

Paper size is an attribute or property of your printer driver, not Manager. After clicking the Print button, your normal printing dialog box should appear, allowing to change paper sizes, paper type, color options, copy number, etc.

hey but suppose in invoce iteam there is only one entry then only 1/3 page is used for printing and other page remains blank

That is no different than any other type of document you might print from any program.

If your single page invoice in Manager is running onto multiple pages in your printer then you need to review your page layout settings before printing to match your physical paper size. You may also need to play with margins depending on the printer. This should be doable through the Print dialogue or, if you’re running a Windows PC, you can alter these settings in Internet Explorer.

If however you still can’t get it to work for some reason, well the simple solution would be to only print page one rather than all pages.