Printing Margin Issue

Dear sir how solve this probs. When I give direct print this is not get full page margin.

What edition and version of Manager?
What operating system?
What are you printing?
Are you using a custom theme?

Version 22.6.1
Windows 11
Sales Invoice
No. Default Theme only

I see no problem. I suspect you are referring to unused space at the bottom of the first page. That occurs because the program did not divide the final line, which includes a very lengthy ceo.

Ayush Lifestyle.manager (340 KB)
Dear Sir, I uploaded my data just try for yourself. And find what I made mistake. Thank You.

@Tut explained that what you see is a result of Manager not breaking the line because of a very long entry in the second column on the second page. Manager can not divide it and therefore moves all of that to the second page resulting in a much larger white space on the first page.

There is white space in Item description. :confused: :confused: :confused:

Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 16.48.44

I try to explain once more, this entry that appears on your second page (note first column is name of the new item) has too long a description so that the item with description can not appear on the first page and continue on the second. Manager does not break the description over 2 pages.

That is coded into the themes. You could remove it with a custom theme if you really think that is worth the effort.