Software update

Hi, Is there possible that manager software have the function on auto update? i am using mac version and i need to download manual and do it every time and sometime i dont even know there is an update until i browse to website.

Currently, you can check to see the latest version. If you bookmark the url, you can check whenever you wish. Updates are often daily, but major updates will be notified in the forum.

I can’t comment on whether manager will get auto update capability in the future.

it is just my suggestion. it is better if we can have auto update function.

Auto-update would be part of Manager when the program is more mature. There is still major work being done and bugs are being introduced and fixed constantly.

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Where would I find instructions for upgrading my local macos deployment (without loosing my data)?

thank you!

Read the Guide: Install or update desktop edition on macOS | Manager.

Updating Manager never risks data, because your accounting data is not stored in the program. See Manage application data folder contents | Manager.