SOS: Something is happening with my system, all invoices come unallocated

Hi All, hope all is doing well.

Im user of manager for more than 5 years, and today something strange happeing.

In first place, all Customer/Vendor invoices come unpaid.

Journals entries are tagged as unbalanced when are perfectly balanced.

On Inter accoun transfer, transfer in same currencies are matched with ROE 0 and one leg is going to exchange loss??

I made a backup and I updated to last version but problme persist!

Please SOS!! anyone with something like this???

thanks all for your help.

What edition (desktop, server, or cloud)? What version number? Did you update Manager or change anything else on your computer?

You also need to post screen shots of the Edit screens for the transactions. View screens are generally not helpful for troubleshooting.

Thanks for your reply.

I’m using server edition 20.10.51 running on WinServ2012.

Well, you posted the Edit screen of only one transaction. From it, I can make some observations:

  • You may think you have entered a transfer between two bank accounts. But Cedisa Central de Aco SA is set up as a cash account.
  • The two bank/cash accounts involved in the transfer are defined in different currencies, even though both seem to be intended to be in the Brazilian Real. This can be determined by the different currency symbols on the View form.

You also did not answer my question about updates. If you are running v20.10.51, you obviously updated very recently. From what? What else have you done?


I just update today from 20.2.

Just to clarify, both accounts are in BRL, this is the base currency also.

I think something happened with the database as all purchse and sales knvoices are shown as unpaid.

Do you if manager is offering support? I think this is a technical issue.

Thanks again

All support comes through this forum.

Please post screen shots of the following:

  • Edit screen for the bank account Banco Santander (you can obscure the account number)
  • Edit screen for the cash account Cedisa Central de Aco
  • Edit screen for your base currency from Settings tab
  • List of foreign currencies from Settings tab

And you still did not answer the question about updates.

Hi, this is a summary about the issue:

  1. Today, we log into the system and all was ok. It was running version 20.2.75 on windows server 2012 as usual. All was looking ok.
  2. Today we tried to post the Inter-account transfer shown before. It show this strange situation of the roe. Please note that both accounts are in the same currency. After that I realize that the whole system went wrong, the Balance sheet was showing all wrong balances and all is working strange.
  3. I made a backup & install the last version of ManagerServer 20.10.51, but the problem remain.

Please find attached requested screenshoots:

  • Edit screen for the bank account Banco Santander (you can obscure the account number)
  • Edit screen for the cash account Cedisa Central de Aco
  • Edit screen for your base currency from Settings tab

I really appreciate your help as I’m getting desesperated! We were managing all in manager (collections, payments, etc)!!

Thanks again


  • List of foreign currencies from Settings tab

Hi, quick update.

The account balance sheet now looks normal.

Looks like is getting some problem with the ROE?

In any case, the account transfer issue persist.


I believe your problem is that you have defined the BZL as both your base currency and a foreign currency. It can only be one or the other. Since it is your base currency, you should delete it as a foreign currency. However, before Manager will let you do that, you will need to edit all customers, suppliers, bank and cash accounts, employees, etc. that are defined in the foreign currency version of BZL as being in the base currency. (If you try to delete the foreign currency, Manager will show you a list of all references to it that must be deleted first. That may be helpful.)

Also, is Cedisa Central de Aco SA really a cash account? That is, does it only contain bills and coins? Or is it, in fact, a financial institution? You can convert a cash account to a bank account very simply. See this Guide:

You’re right! all is related to use the base currency as additional currency too.

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

Best regards