Summary and balances not matching after custom currencies update

I have attached 2 pictures that show the difference that come after update to the latest version of currencies
between the summery and cash account. hope to be fixed ASAP

Maybe it is just my PC, but I could not read the detail on those screen shots - too small and/or blurry so I can’t even see what the problem is, never mind offer any help

you can download it if you wanna see the details. the pictures show same records that show differences problem belong to the new custom currencies updating between summery result and cash results

Ok I can download them and see the detail but I still don’t see what the problem is.

Could you explain in detail what you think is wrong and post edit screens of the transactions which you think are incorrectly posted.
Don’t over-complicate by showing many transactions in error - concentrate on one and explain exactly what you think is wrong

its very simple no need to explain where is problem if you just take 1 minute with comparing the tow picture you will see the difference . not that much records.

any how.
1-the first three records for bank transfer to internal cash account that show balance zero at the cash accounts meanwhile at the summery its listed there.

this show zero balance at the cash account balance ???

2- the second problem is at the last 2 record at the boom of the page for exchange currency ( inter account transfer ) that show different amounts . the correct one is at the cash accounts balance . and the one at the summery page show the fixed rate of the custom currencies.

at the summery page it show the amount of fixed currency rate $ 11,802.02 (wrong amount )

Are the accounts right? I can’t tell as you havent shown enough detail to confirm the accounts are the same in the $ 272 transfer

In the 2nd case what exchange rates have you entered? The value on the summary may be different because a different exchange rate is used

it was withdrawal from bank account to cash account same currency .

exchange rate its different on the fixed one. in that case the result it must follow the entered amount at the transaction( 11755$ ) not the fixed rate one

I don’t use currencies, so not au fait with which rates are used where, but at least it looks like a problem of the rate.

For the first one, try deleting the inter-account transaction and re-entering it

Oh the problem just come on the new version. at the old version every thing is ok

Let me point out that your screen shots do not show a zero cash account balance anywhere. Some of the transactions show a zero amount, but the balances are all non-zero. This is an important distinction.

What exactly do you mean by this? There are no fixed rates in Manager. When you could only use built-in currencies, there were placeholder rates, but these were never meant to be accurate. Exchange rates must be entered under Settings.

I suspect your problems come from not defining an exchange rate for each foreign currency you use.

already in the setting I pointed to currency exchange rate for as $ 3.75

that’s why in summery / cash accounts / cash USD screen the result it come as currency fixed rate ($ 11,802.02. as fixed rate 3.75) In return, it was assumed result come from the entry of cash account.

meanwhile at the cash accounts / cash USD it show true entry amount ( 11,755.00 USD )

I am sorry, @maldroubi, but I cannot understand your explanation of what you think is wrong or why. Please follow @Joe91’s advice. Choose one transaction and follow it all the way through. Show Edit screens of the relevant transactions. Show the exchange rates in effect at the time of those transactions. Explain what you think is incorrect. Tell us what you believe correct numbers should be.

Please do not tell us we don’t need to see things or that we should download something. Don’t ask us to make comparison—show us and tell us what you are showing. You are the one asking for help, so you should provide the information.

@maldroubi can you check your figures on the latest version (20.2.46)?

@lubos thank you dear . but unfortunately no change

I will explain the problem one by one

1- at ( Inter Account Transfers ) I did transfer from bank to cash account as base currency ( $ ). so at cash accounts / currency balance “screen” it show zero balance

cash accounts / currency balance window screen

2- I did transfer record from cash to cash as different rate on " the fixed exchange rate at the setting " the amount was (44257.575 SAR) to (11755 USD) the problem its only at the Summery / cash available / currency “screen” it show the exchanged amount as the [Settings]Exchange Rates ($ 11,802.02 USD) not as my transaction entered amount (11755 USD)

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 4.24.54 PMsummary / cash available / cash window screen

@maldroubi, the problem is that one or more of your cash or bank accounts was somehow “orphaned,” meaning that Manager cannot properly identify the currency it is in. You can tell this because the exchange rate listed on your inter account transfer form does not contain a symbol for the second currency.

Look at the Edit screens for all your cash and bank accounts. I believe you will find one or more of them show the hexadecimal UUID rather than the name of the currency. Reselect the actual name of the currency and click Update. The problem should go away. But you may have to revisit the transactions involved and re-enter numbers that were shown as zero.

I am going to move this thread to the bugs category so @lubos will have a look at it, now that I have identified the behavior more completely.

NOTE: I consider this a bug because numbers formerly entered are converted to zero, not because redefinition or recreation of currencies causes Manager to lose track of replaced currencies. The latter behavior seems entirely predictable and unavoidable.

thanks @Tut for helping
as I mention before the problem came up after the last update only. ( at version 20.2.34 no issue )

concerning the currencies symbols . all currencies have symbols the base one and the foreign one too.
I update all currencies after last version thinking may problem disappear, even I update all the records that belong with that issue , but unfortunately same no change

The problem I told you how to fix was not caused by definition of symbols for the currencies. It was caused by bank and/or cash accounts not being properly defined. The solution was not to make sure the currencies were properly defined. The solution was to make sure the bank and cash accounts were correctly defined, with a real currency name being selected instead of the hexadecimal UUID.

@Tut thank you dear it was helpful .

as you say the problem it was at the cash account were defined as hexadecimal.
I did not expect the base cash account will become hexadecimal number instead currency name after update.
Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 7.06.05 PM

I think to avoid that problem in future the currency must be selected as drop list not as been automatically suggested, and it will be helpful in case to change the base currency for Financial match purpose.
Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 7.08.41 PM

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 7.22.09 PM
even for customers and suppliers it should be not auto selected. cause when change the base currency will make big issue and must be changed again one by one

hope that bug be corrected

Changing base currency is something you should (almost) never do. Changing the currency does not convert amounts on previous entries to the new base currency. It only changes the label, not the numbers. The only circumstance I can think of where you might want to change a base currency is just after setting up a business, when only a very few transactions have been entered, but you have already spent considerable time choosing your settings, entering customers/suppliers, and so forth. Then, the work of re-entering transaction numbers would be less than starting over with a new business.