Sort by Number

Sorting out Column by number. ascending I get 100, 101… and descending 99,98…
would be nice if it was sorted from 1-125.

The cause of this is that the field is sorting alphabetically, and because it is a text field this is likely to be the expected behaviour.

You should be able to work around it by making all numbers three digits. So “1” becomes “001” and “2” becomes “002”. That will make it order in the way that you expect.

However, a more permanent fix would be the possibility to create a custom field of type number (doesn’t look to be possible yet).

@cometomama, what screen are you sorting? In what tab? From the information you provided, it is not possible to tell what was there in the first place. In other words, you have mentioned a problem, but your screen shots do not actually illustrate what the problem is because we don’t know what the input was.

A more permanent fix would be to convert the field to being numeric instead of alpha.

Perhaps the below more clearly demonstrates.
Ascending - 125 comes before 2 0000000 Bug 1 Descending 99 comes before 125 0000000 Bug 1a

I understood what was being said. But everywhere I looked in the program, numbers sorted as numbers. That’s why I asked @cometomama where the example came from. What Code column on what report is being sorted? I don’t doubt it’s happening, I just don’t know where.

As far as I can see, it’s the code column in the Customers listing. Which is alpha numeric in order to give the user the possibility to also use letters. For instance R999.
So the best solution is to use it at such. Change the number format. So 1 should become 001 when 999 is your highest number.

My example was created using the Inventory Items code field.

My mistake, I assumed he was using a custom field somewhere.

This is happening with the Reference # field in Cash Transactions now.

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What are you saying is happening? Manager sorts that screen based on date first and reference number second. What do you think is wrong? Or do you think anything is wrong?

the screenshot shows @Eagle5 trying to sort the reference number # . note the upward arrow beside it.
but looks like the reference number is programmed as text and not numbers.

If you are suggesting that because the arrow points up the reference numbers should be in opposite order, you are raising an issue that was discussed a year or two ago on the forum. You can find conflicting references and standards on web and application design as to whether an upwards pointing arrow indicates ascending or descending order. In Manager, the smaller number is in the direction of the narrow point of the triangle. The larger number is in the direction of the broader base of the triangle. @Eagle5’s example matches behavior elsewhere in the program, when dealing with both reference numbers and monetary amounts:

32%20PM 02%20PM

i believe the issue is as simple as the numbers not arranged properly in ascending or descending order.
i checked with the Cash Transactions tab and it does actually appear to be sorted as text.
its not sorted as 1 - 2 - 3. instead 1 - 10 - 100 - 1000.

OK. The problem is that @Eagle5’s example does not actually illustrate the problem, because 1 - 10 - 100 - 1000 is in numerical order. But you are correct. Under Cash Transactions, the reference column is sorted as text. Instead of 1 - 2 - 4 - 10, you get:


Sales Invoices, however, sorts correctly:


The problem extends to Bank Transactions, too:


I’ll create a separate bug report.

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i believe the reference in Bank Transactions is used to enter the actual transaction reference number provided by the bank and not an internal reference number. so bank transactions would generally be sorted only by the date and not by the reference number.

I just checked, and the date-then-reference sorting holds true for bank transactions, too, even though they are not automatically assigned.

the date-then-reference sorting is correct for bank transactions in my version 18.1.84
for example, if i have three transactions dated 2nd March, when i sort them as per date they appear with the reference sorted in ascending or descending. usually the reference is a mix of both text and numbers.
moreover, Manager does not support sorting by two columns at a time.

I am really sorry to dig up this old thread however I had an accident and broke both of hands… I am recovering very slowly and can type again :slight_smile:

I am using Manager 17.7.35 desktop. this is from Customers List. It needs proper sorting solution [you are right it is in text format] or separate auto numbering column easily adding new customers without thinking about next no.

Update your software, @cometomama. This was addressed in v 18.1.93: Reference numbers sort as text instead of numbers in bank/cash transactions.

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thanks I have updated to current latest version. but the CUSTOMER codes i use as number 123 are still formatted as text. it would nice to add an autonumber column or better custom field as auto-number…

FYI the missing numbers are inactive customers…