Wrong behavior of the reference field

When I sort based on the reference field, it was not properly arranged in an upward count or countdown

What version number are you on?


Note: I found that this matter happens in tabs without other tabs

For example, It works well in sales bills

The default sort is by date. If you want the sort to be by reference number, you must select the reference number column heading.

Thanks @Tut
I know that

But the mistake that happens is that when I chose the sort according to the reference, the sort appears wrongly, as I attached to this with pictures

for example: The sort appears

And the right thing should be

That’s a text sort
But you want a number sort.

The problem is some people want a alphanumeric sort.

The solution is for you to include leading zeros in your numbers

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Thank you for your answer
I will consider this an acceptable solution

But the question, and what is done in the tabs without another
For example, it works well for purchasing and selling invoices
It does not work well in the receipts and payments

Another problem:
It is when you make an automatic reference, the manager will delete the zero prefix


Yes, the automatic reference number will just add 1 to the existing number and obviously does not recognize any prefixes including zeroes. The other reference numbers you show are entered manually not by using automatic.

When automatic referencing then one would not expect it to be a text field but a numeric one and sorting of these numbers to be numeric not text. I think that @Lubos should change this to numeric.

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Please not. Should be alpha-numeric, so letters can still be used.

@ries, I agree that when not using auto reference that it could be a text-field, but obviously when enabling autoreferencing it is a numeric field and should allow for numeric sorting.

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I have indicated in a previous comment that the problem is made in tabs without other tabs

What do you mean by “tabs without other tabs?”

I indicated the meaning of my words in a previous post

But I apologize for the weakness of my communication language

You still did not answer @Tut as the post you refer to is not clear. What are tabs without other tabs?

Yes, sir. Thank you for your interest

This post talks about a problem, which is a mistake in the reference sorting by number according to the digital sequence

During my experience, I noticed that the error does not happen in the reference number in both the sale bills and purchase bills
But the error occurs in payments and receipts

Thats all about it

The answer to this was already provided by earlier post by @Patch Wrong behavior of the reference field - #6 by Morhf164 that it is not an error but that the column is using text sorting in stead of numeric sorting and that the way to get better result is to manually add the reference number with leading zeroes. So you need to use 001 for 1 and 010 for 10 etc. which then will result in same sequence as a numerical sort.

Please can you still explain what you mean by tabs without other tabs?

I have previously made it clear that when adding a zero prefix, the manager will take it in the following document