Numeric Sorting of references


Is it possible to change lexicographic sorting method into numeric?


Just click on the column heading. Click again to reverse order. Default order for cash accounts is by date, with most recent first.

He is asking for a numeric sorting instead of an alphanumeric sorting

They are sorted numerically. See the samples below for ascending and descending order:

50%20AM 00%20AM

If this were alphanumeric sorting, 55 would come before 7 and 9 would come after 750 in the ascending sort.

This column used to sort as text. But that was changed a long time ago.

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In my example they are sorted in lexicographic order: 72-99 < 710-717, but it is positioned after, not before in Descending ordering. In other words 710-717 should be at the top if that is numeric, but it is in between of 71’s, what is indicating it is alphanumeric.
In your example it is numeric, e.g. 73<714 and it positioned before in desc.

Here is another my company with the same sorting:

What version are you using?

19.1.12 is the latest

I found the problem. For cash accounts only, the sorting is not numerical. If you sort the same transactions in the Receipts & Payments tab, it is. I will file a separate bug report.