Some Accounts have been disappeared

I’ve started “Manager” on 19th July (I can’t remember the version) last week I’ve upgraded to latest version (and keep updating till today) (now I’m using 16.8.54) when I do that I faced the following issues:
1- Some time I’ve received an advance payment from my client so I go to Receive Money --> Cash/Bank and using the account “Client Credits” now I couldn’t find this account on the list.
2- Same issue for "Supplier Credits"
3- When I make a payment on Purchase: Account: Account Payable then I have to choose the supplier name “some of them are not appears on the list” & I do not test if the same problem is appearing on client payments.

All above I was do on previous version

Could you please help me on the above

For Points one and two read here

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Do they all appear under the Suppliers tab?

yes, all appear with their balances and I can make a new supplier invoice with all of them, my issue only once I’ve made payment for multi invoices; when I add line to add another invoice for the same supplier also if I go to spend money to add a payment this supplier not appears on the list.

Could you show some screenshots to demonstrate the point 3? You can rename that supplier… I just want to see what you are doing that you don’t see that supplier in payment context.

directly from purchase appearing first line only (if i delete this line the supplier will not appears again) will

from spend money

from supplier List

Any chance you could send me your accounting file to ? I’m sure there must be some logical explanation to that.

Does this happen if you begin a completely new transaction on the first line of the new transaction? Or does it only happen on second, third, etc. lines of a transaction where you used that supplier already?

Ok, I’ll do

yes, when i do that from spend money the supplier doesn’t appear completely.
when i do it from the supplier invoice (pay invoice) it only appears on the first line

@Oula_Al, ok - this was a bug. Basically what happened is that previously you had a custom control account and this supplier was set to belong to that account. The account was eventually deleted and Manager didn’t gracefully put this supplier back under in-built Accounts payable account.

The latest version (16.8.63) fixes this issue.

thank you :slight_smile: