I recently started to use Manager and I am pretty with it at the moment. There is only one issue at the moment that I can not solved out yet. For example I created a new Sales Invoice and than I sent the goods to my customer and 1 week later I got the payment for these goods. How can I change the balance of that customer? Thanks,

When you receive payment - go to the Cash Accounts tab and enter a Receive Money.
The Account will = Accounts Receivable + Customer + Invoice.

The Customer & Invoice input fields open up after Accounts Receivable has been entered under Account.

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thats great, thank you very much

Can’t the Manager, automatically debits when I input a Purchase Invoice or Credits when I input a Sales Invoice?

and when I pay the amount or I receive money, I input that amount so that I can make the balance ‘‘0’’? thanks,

I can not choose the Customer or Supplier from this section?

Have you activated the Customer & Suppliers tabs?
After they have been activated, then you can set them up.

Customer and Suppliers tab is already open. But from Cash Accounts as I see, I need to open new Cash Account.

When I open a new cash Account, I can not connect these accounts to Suppliers or Customers. I just press Receive Money, it asks me for which Cash Account that I have just created and that is all.

have a quick look at the guides and see if you’re going about it the same way:


You should be receiving it into an accounts receivable area as per the second link.

The easiest way (for me) is to go to the actual sales invoice in question and receive money at that point. It links back thru accounts receivable automatically without me searching for it.

ok i see now,

When I receive money; I need to choose, (from Cash Accounts - Receive Money) Accounts Receivable at Account tab to choose the Customer Account.

When I sent money; I need to choose Accounts Payable at Accounts tab to choose the Supplier Account.

But how can i see these transactions now? I can not find and delete my test transactions that I have just created for test purposes at the moment.

Thank you,

would be great if you can create a tutorial video like this; Manager Accounts Receivable Tutorial - YouTube

but I guess this is old version :confused:

go to your sales invoices tab, the sale will be there. From there you can edit and delete it. Also, clicking on the balance on the right hand side will allow you delete the test payments as well

you may select edit option while viewing the list and then after it opens, instead of update you may select delete option.

you can see the transaction list under reports for a particular period… just try getting to know all the options with a test account and you will understand…

this s great I guess I am getting somewhere, thanks for the help;

while I am trying the delete these test transactions, the edit is not clickable so I can not delete this transaction;

Description says; ‘‘Automatic payment using available credit - Sales Invoice #92856’’

edit is not clickable tough :confused:

This comes down to one of two problems (from memory)

  1. Using CASH method of accounting: go to the summary screen and make sure you have “Accrual” selected, or

  2. automatically allocating payment without an attached/associated invoice. (ie applying a credit)

To delete this one, go to your cash account and find the entry and delete it there

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great ! now it is all done, thank you;

Always best to create a test business for testing and learning and have seperate “Real” business.

as i see there is also recurring sales invoices, can we do the same thing for purchase invoices?

It’s something I’ve been meaning to look at for a while. (I have missed a couple of monthly payments)

I just had a look within the settings area, and it would appear not. :frowning:

are u the programmer of Manager?

gees no. I’m only a relatively new user (<1 year). The developer is lubos. The community here are users like ourselves and lubos makes an appearance when he needs to :smiley: