[Softwares] Sharing a complimentary to Manager Accounting Software

I have a good time knowing Manager Accounting is versatile and ease of use for in terms of accessible from desktop to web based.

For backup I use alternative software if I don’t want my data on someone’s server. (paranoid) - https://syncthing.net/

It’s open source, :smiley:

To try how well the The Webserver runs in browser outside of your Local Area Network (LAN) but have difficulty to set up like port forwarding or using a VPN like Open VPN - https://openvpn.net/

I use - https://ngrok.com/

It’s not that complicate to execute the command line read the guide within ngrok.exe’s text.

You need minimal understanding what is “port” “localhost” and “auth token”.

That’s it for now :smiley:


@Ocean If you want a Server version of Manager buy a licence and use it legally. Manager is very competitively priced for what it offers. If you want the paid version functionality then pay for it. If you can afford it, be thankful Lubos offers a very functional single user version for free.

Why do you think it is appropriate to document illegal use of Manager software in the Manager forum?

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Hi @Patch was not aware of that the issue as I am not using a Server version as far as I’m aware of. Will look into it. Thought ngrok and serveo was the same system and design.

Thank you.