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Desktop version is awesome (FREE!) and it is perfect for my SMLLC! Any plans to allow use of Manager on my phone/tablet would be much appreciated. I’m not sure why Desktop Version is relegated to second-class citizen status just because I have no employees or need any of the other features that a larger business might need…just saying. If anything, a small business/startup is going to have a greater need for flexibility of use environment. Have a great one!


It isn’t. All accounting capabilities of the program are available, with no restrictions on number of businesses or transactions within a business. If you have looked at other software, you know that virtually all programs advertised as “free” start charging you after a small number of transactions or a limited time period, holding your data hostage. Manager doesn’t do that.

Manager follows the “freemium” business model. The desktop edition is free. If you want mobile access via the web or multiple users, you must choose one of the premium editions and pay for a server license or cloud subscription. Both are extremely competitive in price.

NGSoftware is a for-profit business. It cannot survive by giving everything away.

The fact is, if you are creative, you can even set up the desktop edition for remote access by moving your application data folder to a web-accessible storage site. There is even a Guide that tells you how to do that.


However, remote access still requires a Windows computer, not a cellphone. Correct? I mean, all along I have been saving my backups to Dropbox. You are just suggesting going a step further where I save the active data folder so that I could run my business from the cloud PROVIDED I am on another computer where Manager has been installed. I understand the freemium model… its just tough to swallow spending $300+ dollars a year just to use Manager on my phone. I DO BELIEVE they deserve the monies, considering how great my very limited and short experiences have been so far!

It requires a web browser with a screen large enough to comfortably display the web pages.

Manager actually always functions as a web server and user web browser. In the desktop version these are packaged together (to confirm in the desktop version try clicking on a link and select open in a new window). In the cloud and server versions the server and user browser run on different computers.

In fact if you really want to get creative I believe some user have run the server version on a mobile phone.

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Yeah, Patch, now you’re talking technology way over my head. I’m 48 and learned Basic A in high school! Never learned with the times… most I’ve done recently is learn a little Visual Basic to streamline some of my Access databases I taught myself how to do. I was just trying to get phone use of the desktop version. I don’t think I’ll spend money on the server version, yet. If my startup shows itself to be a decently lucrative idea, then I will be happy to pony up the funds. Manager is definitely making me feel safe in my bookkeeping needs for starting my biz. And it is the perfect price for bootstrapping my startup. I just hope that whatever accountant I get for taxes will find it compatible for his/her needs. I am not overly worried… I have a SCORE mentor who says my little home business will probably only need bank statements to satisfy tax needs. However, I feel better using Manager for tracking ALL transactions and it provides a great way for me to keep my customers happy by providing accurate receipts and credit balance tracking…it just would have been convenient to jump on my phone to process orders at a moments notice instead of having to park my butt in front of the computer. Oh well, I can grow into that option.

Based on your description of your level of expertise, the cloud edition would be a better option. Read the Note in this Guide: