Server Version Access

I’ve been reviewing forum postings for an answer to my question but haven’t found one so I will ask.
I have the server version installed on my server for evaluation. If I purchase the license will I be able to host secure connections over the internet? Will I be able to use various ports (such as 443) and not just 7558? You’ve taken business accounting for novices to an easy place with a very intuitive UI and a very clear and understandable users manual - Very Nice! Thank You!

By default, server edition will start on port 8080 but using command line parameters, you can change it to whatever port.

To facilitate HTTPS, you should let Manager Server to run on port 8080 and on port 80 and 443 you’d have some web-server which would proxy all the requests to port 8080.

In my opinion, the easiest web-server for HTTPS is Caddy which will automatically obtain SSL certificate from Let’s encrypt. You can have a look at how it can be all configured on Ubuntu (steps 6 & 7). There are guides for other operating systems too.


Thank you for your quick reply!

You are probably aware of QNAP NAS units and the QNAPClub, where
persons like me can get handy apps for our use and hit them over
the web. At the moment I have your server version on my NAS for
evaluation. I really like it! I think the clarity of the
documentation is exceptional and the application is very easy to
understand and use. I have been reading through the forum and it
seems you and TUT have been providing users with concise and
helpful answers.

I have a SSL cert through my domain host and I should be able to
setup access as . . . unless there
is some particular with Manager I am not aware of.

Thank you again!

Best Regards,


What qnapnserver do you have and are you running container station

You might want to upgrade. There have been some very significant changes since then and literally hundreds of new versions. The program advances extremely rapidly.