Multiple Instances of Manager Server

I have a server running the Manager Server Edition. It runs the accounting software for my girlfriends company, which works great. My brother also has a company and asked me if he could use my server. I want him to give a full access account for his own company, so he can change his own settings and make his own backups. As far as I know, this is only possible with an administrator account. However, I would not prefer to make him administrator since he than can also access the business of my girlfriend.

To get around this, I tried to run a second instance of Manager Server, on a different port and with a different path. Unfortunately I did not manage to get this working (Snow Leopard Server on a Mac Mini). Is this even possible or is there a better solution?

Do you get any errors? As long as you use different port and different application data path on each server instance, there won’t be a conflict and can run side-by-side. I know it works because that’s the way we run cloud edition ourselves.

Thanks, got it! I forgot the " at the end of the path. Good to know this is the way to go! Thanks a lot!

Is there perhaps a nice Automator script which starsts all the instances available? The script I use now keeps running in the background and I encounter some problems with sending emails from Manager. Thanks!

What sort of problems with emails?

Sorry, I must have deleted that line. After a while it said “Connection Timeout”. I messed a bit around with the script, now it seems to work. However, I can’t explain why… Restarted everything and some text to the script that makes the output of the bash command go to std output instead of Automator.

The SMTP server runs on the same computer actually.


Hi Lubos, loving the software. i’m planning to use it as a backend of my product.
i’m wondering, is there a way to do this with Ubuntu on DigitalOcean? (by this i mean Multiple Instances of Manager Server)
i managed to get this done on MacOS by opening multiple terminal windows. i can’t find that function in digitalocean ubuntu. can you kindly help to shed some light? thanks.

use tmux, screen or similar software OR run instances one after another appending “&” symbol at the end (this will send process to background)

Hi Koroko. your solution works. thanks alot for that.

This is interesting. How do you change the port for the second instance since it is automatically set to 8080?

check guides