How do I know if I am running the latest version of Manager

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Where do I look on my Desktop Version to see which version of Manager I am running at the moment to see if I need to update it to the latest version.
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see the " First Steps" Guides
Software Version: Determine version number | Install or update desktop edition on Windows | Install or update desktop edition on macOS

Thank you very much . I have now updated my Manager to the latest version. A nice addition to the software would be an automated email saying an update was available. I will look for this version number in future.

Thank you once again for your prompt is very much appreciated. Hope you have a good day despite this Coronavirus Pandemic that is devastating our World at this point in time.

Manager is often updated multiple times a day, and these can be minor updates that don’t always include obvious changes to the end user. So, although you should try to keep it relatively up to date, it’s not necessary or even desirable to install every single update. Sometimes a change will introduce bugs, and there will be multiple updates in quick succession as these are resolved. So, rather that trying to always have the latest version, I would check in on the Releases page every so often, where significant changes and fixes are announced.

There is a newsletter sign-up on the Manager home page (bottom right), and by signing up to this you will get a monthly email with summaries of changes, updates, and bug fixes from the last month, plus useful advice. Unless there is a specific feature or bug fix you are waiting for, I would say that checking and updating once a month or so would be sufficient for most users. If there is something you are waiting for, there is usually a corresponding forum topic, and by following that you will see when @lubos announces that it has been implemented.

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