Small Lock Date Bug

I’ve just noticed a very minor bug with the lock date feature in that it remains possible to enter a new transaction with a date earlier than that given for locking.

I made a typing error with a sales invoice date, accidentally setting it to a date in the last financial period which I had locked. The system accepted the new invoice but of course, when I went to edit the date, the lock prevented me from doing so.

It was easily resolved by temporarily changing the lock date, editing the invoice in question and then re-instating the lock date but to avoid this situation, I believe the system should prevent the creation of new records where their dates are earlier than the lock.

As I say, it’s very minor and something that I’ve only come across once by accident.

What version are you using? I’m not able to reproduce this issue.


I’ve had another go at reproducing this. The fault it seems isn’t present when creating a new invoice, just when editing an existing one.

So to reproduce it, I followed these steps:

  • Make sure there’s a lock date present (I have 05/04/2015 as the end of the last financial period)
  • Create a new invoice with today’s date and save it.
  • Go back into that invoice and change the issued date to one prior to the lock date (I used 05/04/2014). Saving should be successful.
  • At this point, this test invoice is controlled by the lock date - you won’t be able to edit it back to today’s date without changing the lock.

As I say, it’s probably a minor error that isn’t too likely to come up but obviously there’s the potential there to affect financial reporting in dates prior to the lock if someone is messing about (much like I was actually, experimenting with the new late payment feature without really thinking about the date I was using).

I was able to reproduce it. It’s fixed in the latest version (15.3.77)

Thanks @lubos. Much appreciated as always.