Small computer linux distros with manager server

For various reasons I’d like to install on a small form factor linux computer (think RPi or similar). I’d be interested to hear who has installed what OS (prefer linux, some ubuntu/debian derivative) on what micro platform. The smaller and cheaper the better. Anyone have it running on a Raspberry Pi? What version of Pi, what OS etc).

I did have a dabble some time ago with RPi-2 running a pre-release version of Ubuntu Mate 16.04, just as a “mental exercise” and to see what was possible. (ie not a production environment).
It ran quite well in fairness, but I rather suspect it would be better suited to a headless build, or maybe an installation on a NAS device (maybe a QNAP or Synology box or something of the sort).
From memory, installation/build was simple and straight-forward with everything pretty-much at stock with default settings.

I do have a RPi, but it’s only an early B version (512MB). It is headless, and runs raspian but I don’t think it could really handle it. I may give it a go as my mental exercise since I have a couple spare lying around.

I’ve been thinking of a synology box, I would like one and have been looking at them for a while. I hadn’t thought of using it as a host for manager server. Is that even possible? That just puts another tick in the “pros” column :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t know if a Model-B would be viable or not…
Going-off on a slight tangent, it occurs that it might be worth looking at something like OMV as the basis for this. Lots of Debian-based goodness and It will certainly run on a Pi-2.
I know a couple of people who use this on home-built x86 hardware, and I have to say that it looks to be very functional

Meanwhile, I would suggest that whilst it is quite possible to run mono on things like Synology devices, that you do your research thoroughly.

That said, if I was in the market for such a thing just now, I’d look at something like this for the base:-
Stick in a small SSD for the OS, and install OMV, then populate the remaining bays with some WD Reds.

A nice Home/Small Office server…for not that much money…