Linux server on Netgear ReadyNAS or RaspberryPi?

Just wondering if it is possible to install the server version of Manager on a device such as the Netgear ReadyNAS (this is a network storage device that has a Linux operating system)?

In theory it could work. First, you will need SSH access so you can run commands on it.

If it runs Debian Linux or similar, then tutorial for Ubuntu could work.

Thanks Lubos - it does run a version of Debian and I can get SSH root access so I might try it over the weekend. I also have a spare Rasberry Pi here which also has Debian on it so I might try that first - I will post my results over the weekend.

Hi Lubos,

Just to let you (and anyone else that may be interested) that the server edition appears to have installed successfully on both the RaspberryPi box and the Netgear ReadyNAS and the software seems to run OK on both. I haven’t done exhaustive testing but was able to restore my company file from a backup and did a couple of test transactions and viewed a couple of reports as well as accessing it from 2 computers at once.

I used your standard Ubuntu tutorial on both (just had to change the port that the server started with as 80 is already in use) without any real dramas. On both I did get a couple of warning messages during the Mono installation but nothing that sounded too dramatic and seems it wasn’t anything to stop it working.

In case anyone is interested the RaspberryPI is just a standard B model (about a year old) running Raspbian OS which cost me about $80 including the case, etc. Not sure how well it would handle a large number of users but if you just want to be able to share Manager between a couple of users and don’t have a dedicated server it may be a very cheap solution.

The ReadyNAS is a brand new one (Model RN104) which is a network shared storage device that has 4 drive bays so you can set it up as a full Raid protected array (so I have 4 * 3TB drives in it with RAID5 so it has a useable capacity of about 9TB but it will not lose any data if any one drive fails). When I purchased it I did not realise I would be able to run the Manager server software on it so I am now REALLY happy with it!

I’m glad you got it working.

Someone else is already running Manager Server on RaspberryPi so I knew that would work. ReadyNAS seems really cool, especially that you can use it as a Linux server with redundant storage.