Deploying Manager.IO

Hi there,

Was thinking of using as a standalone system to track personal expenses.

There is no need for multiple users. But I would like to deploy it on a web server (Raspberry Pi, etc.).

Which version should I get? or is this even possible?

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Search the forum. There have been discussions about installations on Raspberry Pi servers. That said, either the server or cloud editions will provide web access.

I see you joined the forum back in 2016. If you’ve been using the program that long, you know its features. If you haven’t actually been using it, I suggest thinking carefully about your needs. Manager is a full, double-entry accounting system focused on small businesses. As such, it does a lot more than track expenses. But it also takes a lot more work to use than a typical personal finance program. In some ways, the discipline required for a double-entry system can make personal financial management more trouble than it is worth.

The licensing for that is the server version

The pricing for the server and cloud versions are independent of the number of users and number of businesses

If you are the only user, and use it on a limited number of computers under your control, then just putting the data file on a file server accessible from all your computers may achieve your required use flexibility.
Application Data: Move application data to another folder | Open a data file directly


and Search results for 'Raspberry Pi order:latest' - Manager Forum

Thanks mate ! let me go try.

Will do. Yes, I do know its features. The system is great to be honest. Since I am an accountant, your system works best for me. Nothing comes close to be honest.