Slow loading

OK, I found the bottleneck. Upgrade to the latest version (17.1.15) which should be much faster for you.

Big respect to you, Lubos! After the upgrade, the loading time for the summary is 689ms, Sales Invoice 700ms, P&L report 781ms… A very big thank you. My staff will definitely enjoy it.

That’s awesome. Would you be able to point out what the bottleneck was?
If not, then it’s okay too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


21.2.78 is the version I am currently using and find that the program takes too long to launch and also if left unused for a while, the screen goes blank with no visible refresh etc options. Is this the SQL issue that is being discussed here or are other factors involved in this as never had this issue before this

No, @Sokoni_Advertiser, nothing in this 4-year old thread is relevant to performance of the program. The program has basically been entirely rewritten since then. I am closing the topic because it is obsolete.