Slow Backup time

Hi: I have been using the software for a few years, and works well my requirements. Very simple business, not many transactions, and the total backup is 167M at the moment. Several months ago, I updated to the latest software at the time, and immediately noticed the back time went from a few seconds to several minutes. The size of the backup, essentially the same. I figured it was something in the new version, so waited to see if a later version fixed the issue. There have been several program updates since, and the issue is the same. Has anyone else noticed this, or is there some setup that should be changed? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Older versions have simply made a copy of the file. Newer versions are rebuilding database from scratch when doing the backup.

The implication is that backup does take longer but you are guaranteed the database is 100% healthy.

I still don’t think it should be taking several minutes though. I’ve tried twice as large database and it took 10 seconds.

Thanks for the speedy reply! At least I know the reason why it takes longer. I will check my system to see if there are any issues that might be slowing down the back up. It is a windows 10Pro, 8G ram, Intel i7 2600 @3.4G processor.

One thing I suggest is to rebuild your current database from which the backup is made.

See: Reduce data file size | Manager

Then try backup again to see if the speed has improved.

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Thanks. Brought it down to about 45 seconds. Not as good as before, but I can live with it!