Multiple Manager programs running with one profile


I couldn’t really find an answer on this question, which may really have a simple solution or just be a plain “No”.

I have an office where I just installed a further two new Windows desktops where I would like to also install Manager and run the same, existing profile I have for the business on the original computer.

I noticed that some data is under AppData under Users on the C: drive, but is there a way to access the same data from a different computer within the same network?

I just have one business profile/account with Manager but a fair chunk of data in the form of clients and invoices.

I managed to do that fine on Microsoft Outlook 2016 and other software but can’t find a solution to do the same for this?

Could anyone be so kind to advise?

Thanks in advance!

Buy the server edition

Your question is not clear. You mentioned a “profile.” The desktop edition does not have or use profiles. If you are using the server or cloud editions, those are accessed via any web browser. You just need to define new users, not install Manager on the new machines.

It sounds like everywhere you mention “profile”, you are referring to what Manager calls a business. So that may be contributing to the misunderstanding here.

Essentially you want to access the same business from multiple machines.

In that case, you’ve outgrown the Desktop Edition and now you need either the Cloud or Server Edition, as @Davide and @Tut mentioned. If you aren’t familiar with servers, and don’t want to hire someone to handle it for you, I’d recommend you look at the Cloud Edition: Cloud Edition | Manager

You can start a free trial, to test it out. You would:

  1. Create a backup of your old business file from Desktop Edition
  2. Import that backup file into the Cloud Edition
  3. Try accessing the Cloud Edition using a web browser on all three of your computers

More detailed instructions can be found here:

How can I “define new users” in desktops that don’t run Manager?

OK ‘business’ instead of "profile’. I want to access the same ‘business’ from multiple computers.

If I can’t do it with the standard package then I’ll upgrade. No problem. Thanks.

Yep, that’s what we’re saying. The free Desktop Edition only has one limitation - and it’s the one you’ve now run into - that only one user is available (on one machine).

Multiple machines (or multiple users) requires the paid Cloud / Server Edition.

You don’t. An administrator does it after logging into his/her account. Then other users log into their accounts via the web. Read the Guide about creating users.