Single business per server instance and release process

I am concerned the way server-edition is heading.

You are stating in Server Edition | Manager

  • “Unlimited businesses & users: Create as many businesses…”
  • "Access control & user permissions: Set up your users and give them access only to businesses and features they require for their role… "

However in a new version ability to create businesses is gone.

Suggestion to run multiple instances for each business goes against your promised features:

  • Does not allow “Creating as many businesses”, because only server admin will be able to do that.
  • Users will not be able to get permissions to access businesses, user will have only one business.

I will assume, that new version went live by accident, because you are not running it on cloud edition either. However it does highlight issues in release process:

  • Frequent radical architectural redesigns of application raises some question and does not boost confidence
  • Proper documentation about fundamental changes and upgrade process, would make paying customer feel that they been thought of
  • Differentiation to unstable and stable releases would allow testing of latest functionalities, while keeping businesses running on stable environments
  • It is not for me to tell how to do it, but having no release process (operational not technical) does make your customers confused, please think about it and put some basics in place. Release notes with changes, documentation updates, managed release cycles are just fundamental basic for application with paying customers.

I am developer myself and I do know that sometimes it feels like new features are priority and they need to go asap, I have done these mistakes many times myself, but in the end of the day it is the end user who are running application day to day and disruptions are the least they want. It is complicated topic and very individual to applications. Make it predictable and managed and you will become best accounting application on internet.

But most important, I do love manager and I think you doing brilliant job. Please don’t take it personal, it is just observations from the side.


You said it what I want to say since the day I found Manager Software.

Ditto from me. I also love the software and the features that are being added, but would love more documentation–release notes–attached to version upgrades. As things stand now, I have no idea what I’m getting if I decide, for example: “I want the budgeting feature,” but then find that along with budgeting I get other features that I hadn’t anticipated or knew about—features that change the way the program functions in production environment.
Like my friend above, I don’t want to discourage @lubos in any way. The software is brilliant. These are only suggestions that will settle the heart palpitations of larger corporate customers when its time to upgrade.