Custom fields not showing on Quote

Hi all don’t know if you have the same proplem . I added custom fields on my quote for authorization field where I inform the customer that he must sign the quote and sent back to me, but it does not show on the quote even after the box is checked to show on quote.

Is it possible to make a signature field with date where the customer can sign to agree to the quote.

Thanks again for this excellent accounting software


any field in Manager will not appear unless it has any content in them. you probably left the custom field blank.

one solution is to add a default text in the custom field like below.

the <br> is used to enter blank lines between the heading and the text Signature. Add as many as needed.

the result will be

Hi sharpdrivetek

On my sales quote I don’t get the same screen as you but get it on the invoice.

This is the one I get on my quote custom field I even updated to the new version.


please upload the screenshots by visiting the forum page. sending email will not show any attachments.


there are two types of custom fields, one for the form itself and another for the line items.

create custom field for the below heading

and not for this

Thanks sharpdrivetek

All working now