Delivery Note - missing date of received, signature, company endorsement

Prefer to have the the previous allocated below the items for date, signature and company stamp of items recieved.

Were these custom fields? And what version are you using?

Hi Tut,
Actually the previous version have date, name and signature… but I prefer to have even include the company stamp column for those receive the goods.
There are not custom for it…

I reproduced your problem by defining three custom fields for delivery notes:

When a new delivery note is created, the fields appear on the entry/edit screen:

As does the delivery address entered:

But the completed delivery note lacks both delivery address and all custom fields:

Hi Tut,
Ya. But it’s good if add in the name column as well. so we know who is the one collected the goods, which date and together with signature and company stamp. else we don’t know who is the one collect the goods because anyone can just sign and chop for it.
Thank you so much…
The app actually is much much better then any other accouting software in the market.
For future, I will still provide more info to you so that your software can suite international IRAS requirements and for sure will be the best amount others…

I wasn’t trying to solve your problem. I just created an example to see if I could reproduce it. When this gets fixed, you are going to have to create whatever custom fields you want. Or maybe the old stuff will come back. I don’t know, because I’m not the developer.

I looked into this situation further, @An2016. It is not a bug. If I remember correctly, older versions of the program displayed empty rectangles for the fields you mentioned. You can still use custom fields for signatures, dates, and company stamps, or anything else you want. The problem, though, is that fields will not display on standard-theme delivery notes unless something is in the field. But placing something into the three custom fields I used in my earlier example, like this:

produces a delivery note that looks like this:

This can be done without custom themes, just custom fields. If you want empty rectangles, that could be done, too, but only with custom themes. And it would be relatively sophisticated code unless you wanted those rectangles to appear on all forms, not just delivery notes.

Yes, Tut. The old version have those as mentioned but now the latest version totally gone. Ya. I have tried it. It worked.
Oh ya! what is the ‘code’ if I want to have underline on top of the Authorised Signature?


Could you share the code? thanks!

I have tried to amend and put the extra column for signature etc. But it doesn’t appear in the printed document.
I save the setting as to be printed on the document. But when it’s not coming out. Pls help.

But you cant set it to default. Everytime producing Delivery Note, we have to fill up the empty space everytime creating new delivery note

I don’t know.

See answer above.

It is not a column. It will be a text field below the main portion of the form. See my example in post #7 above.

Yes, you can. Do so under Settings => Custom Fields => . The default text will appear on all future delivery notes.

Ok thank you…solved it

why name, date, signature were missing in new version of manager in delivery note?

I have done all of the above and have got Date, Received by, and Print name as default settings in custom fields on the delivery notes, but it still doesn’t show on the delivery note when printed.
I use the cloud version so I assume it is using the current version. Can somebody please help me.

I don’t think you followed the instructions. You must:

  1. Designate the custom fields to show on printed documents.
  2. Put some content into the custom field. (Otherwise they won’t show.)

I just verified this on the latest version.

This as far as I have got and can’t see what I should do next???

@dpm, the entire procedure was explained earlier in this thread.

I have done this. But it looks awkward when the distance of each paragraph is just about one single space. Looking forward to at least arrange in one line.

I don’t know if you got what i mean.

In the custom field, add a <br> tag for every additional space you want. This line of code in the custom field:

Authorized signature <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>............................ produces this output:

Authorized signature