Various feature requests

Thank you for the amazing software. I have been using it for a week. With a few tweaks I think this could be the ultimate solution to inventory and accounting.

There are a few things which have come up over the short use of the app

  1. Item Name not Showing on Orders / Invoices?
  2. No option for showing Units in Invoices (Kg, MT, etc) nor currency
  3. Custom field does not appear on the Invoice / Order / Note etc
  4. No way of sorting Invoices / Orders etc. within the software (By Name, Date, Customer etc)
  5. Inter - Referencing of Sales order / Sales Invoice etc via Order No. / Invoice No. etc

Also, custom reporting options would be helpful.

Another feature which I personally feel would be beneficial is To Do / Reminders on the Summary / Dashboard.

I am not sure if the above has been discussed. I tried searching for it but did not find a solution. Kindly spare if the question is redundant.

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  1. Only Item Code and Item Description shows on invoices. Item Name is a field which is used on reports. The reason is that code/description which shows on invoices is often too long to show on reports.
  2. You can now specify Unit name under inventory items which will then show on invoices.
  3. In future, it will be possible to specify custom field to show on invoices / orders etc.
  4. I’m planning to solve this by implementing custom reports which will support sorting.
  5. This will be also addressed in future.
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Thank you for the prompt response and updates. I feel Item name should be given on the Invoices as Invoice is an external document and code no. are used for internal system. Or we could have the option of showing what we want and what we don’t on the invoice . Anyways for now I have just started putting the item name in the item code and it works for me temporarily.

Keep up the great work!!

I just found you can create unit name in “Qty” column on invoices when editing / creating inventory items. (Excellent😀)

Would it also be possible to support unit name on sales invoice items?

Thank you.

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Thank you. I was wondering what the unit name in QTY in the changelog was all about. I could not see anything different about the program - Now I get it!

can you explain it to me? @dalacor

Go into inventory and add a new inventory item or edit an existing one and you will find a new field there called Unit Name. You can call it kg or whatever you want.