Showing item cost with tax

I want to show each item’s individual cost including the tax.
Refer the image below, I somehow need the last column to display entries.

Someone please help.


Manager doesn’t work this way. It calculates tax on the total of taxable items for any tax rate.

But this is one requirement that I particularly need.
Is there any way by which I can implement this? :slight_smile:

Not that I know of, but I’m not the developer. I also don’t know of any other accounting program that calculates taxes on an item-by-item basis. Why is this so important to you?

Are you building custom HTML template? That’s the only way to make this possible.

Well I know this requirement is weird, but we cannot provide bills without per item details.

Yes, @lubos, I won’t mind building custom HTML templates. But which variable do I use for it, or how do I perform math operations between two variables?

Have a look at Liquid for Designers · Shopify/liquid Wiki · GitHub which explains how to work with Liquid markup.

Additions between two variables are done using plus filter.

{{ | }}

That worked! Thanks.
But now the issue is that I have done the changes and mailed it from my laptop my desktop.
Now I am unable to copy and paste my HTML code there.

I simply cannot paste any text in the template editor. Can anyone help me on this?

I don’t wanna type the entire code again on my desktop. :frowning:

Did you go to Settings >> View Templates >> New View Template? If so, an example template should appear. You can select, cut, copy, paste, etc. When you have pasted in what you want, click Create. If you edit later, click Update.

Yes, I did the exact same thing.
I am able to copy paste text on my laptop (Manager version 15.x).
But on my desktop (Manager version 16.x)cannot paste text inside the template editor .

Update your laptop to the latest version first. Then repeat the copying and pasting process. You should probably update your desktop at the same time to the same version.

I don’t know specifically whether this is the cause of your difficulty, but in general you can use newer versions of Manager with older data, but not older data with newer versions. So updating your desktop version of Manager should not be absolutely essential, but will take only a minute. Why not take advantage of the hundreds of improvements that have occurred since your old version?

I just updated my laptop and desktop to the latest version, took backup of my store from laptop and imported it to my desktop.

Things are fine now and I have all my data (including templates) in my desktop now, but I still cannot paste any text inside the template edit screen on my laptop.

I have the habit of writing HTML code in Notepad++ and then pasting it to Manager’s template editor.

Now I have to develop templates for my business in my laptop, export the entire business and import the same in my desktop. Quite tedious it is!

Something appears to be wrong, but I don’t know what. You should definitely be able to paste text into the HTML editor that you copied elsewhere.

Alright! That’s fine.
I have one last doubt.

Can I display all numeric quantities in decimal.
For instance, I have this code {{ | }} and when the value is 100, it displays 100. Can I display it as 100.00?

I have no idea, @Abhishek. I’m not a programmer. Decimal formats for standard Manager records and documents are set in Preferences.

@lubos Can you help on the decimal thing please? :slight_smile:

Use another filter called money_without_currency to show decimal number as money.

Like this:

{{ | | money_without_currency }}

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That helped. Thank you so much. :slight_smile: