Customized sales invoice

In customized sales invoice inventory items, quantity name does not appear…
in regular template mode its works properly

Custom HTML template shows only what’s in it. It’s just an example how templates can be made.

There is a list of variables you can use, see:

how to show tax amount in word.
what is html code for access tax amount.

{{ tax_component.code }} for the code in words
{{ tax_compenent.amount | money }} for the value

Richard (Dutch user)

Could you please tell me the variable name for Withholding Tax.
I am trying to customize sales invoice but do not know how to pull and show Withholding tax amount.

Your help will be highly appreciated…

@rajesh, there is a variable called {{ tds_rate }} but this is likely to be renamed.

What’s the reason to customize sales invoice? Why is default template not sufficient?

Thanks Lubos.
The {{tds_rate}} gives me the Withholding_Tax_Rate in %. I actually want to get the Withholding Tax Amount like in the default template. I need to slightly change the default template because I found that the Logo size is little big for me and also like to change the placement of Invoice Number and Issue Date.

You also said that the {{tds_rate}} is likely to be renamed. Is it going to be renamed only or change the calculation altogether. As of now, the Withholding_Tax computation is a perfect fit to us.


I managed to get the Withholding Tax amount using {{ Total | times: tds_rate | divided_by: 100 | money }}
But not sure if this is the correct way of accessing Withholding Tax which is computed as certain percentage on the Total Amount???
Please suggest…

I will add proper variable in upcoming days.

Thanks…will wait for the update

i want to access tax amount in words have any code for this

Search the forum. There have been several threads on that topic.

how to write tax amount in words in customised billing format
its neccesarry in india after GST implimentation .

@patel8795, this is not supported. The only way would be to create a custom field and enter the amount in words yourself.

You could probably use something like this to help you with this.

you may use the variable {{ total.number | spell_out | capitalize }}

But as i have mentioned in another topic there is problem with it. Please check below.
@lubos your guidance is needed too.