Show which account each line item is allocated to in bank account transactions

At present I have to go to edit > wait for page load.> see what account the expense/income was set to>if no edit needed> hit back button> try and find out where I was at in the register and then check the next line item in that same way as previously described.

My method is incredibly laborious. Is there some way to add a column that shows each line items chart of account designation?

That way I can glace down the whole register and see that for example a “gas expense” was linked to “gas expense” and not to “dining and entertainment”, or “air travel” or something else that’s not correct?


Added to the latest version (15.1.9)


I downloaded and installed the latest version 15.1.9 and ran the program. I still don’t see anyway to create another column to see what chart of accounts line items are allocated to.

I did discover I can can go into “edit” a line item in the register and enter something in the “reference” field. This generates an additional column with whatever I typed in this field. However this edit > reference field was already there in the previous version. And also requires I click the edit edit button for every line item individually to see what chart of accounts etc. is designated to each line item. And then add something in the reference field to create a new registry column. Once again a very slow process to deal with.

So I have 2 questions,
(1) how does the latest update 15.1.9 address my original question about creating another column?

(2) is there anyway to bulk edit a group of line items that were already assigned a chart of account designation and assign them a registry column so I don’t have to open and inspect each line item individually??

@Dave1, I do not see the behavior you describe in v15.1.9. In the left navigation pane, click on Bank Accounts (or Cash Accounts). Under the list of accounts that appears, click on the blue account name. The register that appears includes a new Account column, exactly what you requested.

@lubos, this is a great addition.

Ahhh, now I see it a new column that says “Account” with the appropriate account designation listed.


Thanks so much for the fast turn around, this is a real time saver.