Drill Down from Bank Transaction to Invoice


Would it be possible to add the ability to drill down from a transaction listed in a bank account through to any associated parent records? At the moment, it’s possible to go from an invoice to listing all associated payments but I can’t see the option to do the reverse (short of, for example, looking up the sales invoice number shown in the edit screen and then manually retrieving that document).

Thanks very much - really enjoying the software by the way, which I’ve been testing throughout the last five days or so. It’s looking likely that I’ll be switching to Manager as my sole financial system in the new financial year.


The latest version shows how bank transactions were matched against accounts (e.g. invoices) so it’s no longer required to click Edit button on payment. I’m planning to make entries clickable as well which will make it easier to navigate between individual ledgers.


Thanks @lubos. The addition of the Account column in the Bank Transactions screen is certainly beneficial. The ability to click through will be even better!

If I were to make one tiny suggestion (sorry, I know I’m making a number of these at the moment) on the implementation as it stands now, where an account is showing as Transfer, would it be possible to include here the name of the account that money has moved to/from?

Thanks again - it’s great to see such engagement from a developer with the community of users.