Viewing all transactions posted to particular account

Is there a way to see list of transaction of a particular account (of chart of accounts. e.g. Repair and Maintenance)?
At the moment, my workaround to get the list of transactions is going to Reports, creating a General Ledger Summary and clicking on the amount which would then produce the list of transactions.

For review purposes, It’d be handy to have access to the list of transactions of the accounts, preferably with date range.

You can click on balances from Summary tab. This is probably the quickest way to review transactions in the particular account.

Didn’t think of that. Thanks

Hi, in some accounts the ref# column unfortunately disappeared, Some are still there e.g.expense Claims. If you get the columns back in, it would be great for retrieving receipts.

@lubos, This features works great! The only problem is when account is closed (zero balance). If after all debit/credit, balance is nil, it shows dash (-) and its not clickable.

Can you please make this hyperlink so that we can still see all past transaction with that account from summary tab.

What version are you using? Dash (-) has been made clickable on Summary screen a few weeks ago so just upgrade to the latest version.

Great, Thanks!