Show selected Inventory Items Fields only in Sales Invoice

Hi, how do I custom my Sales Invoice, so that it shows only certain field, for example just the Item Name. I do fill the Item Code, Item Name, and Descriptioin.

Thank you

Screenshots? Best try?

let’s say, i want to display just the Item Description, without the Item Code, but still I need the Item Code to choose the Item during Invoicing.

You’ll need a custom theme for that so post the code of your best try (as indicated in the FAQ).

yes, i know about the Custom Theme. it’s somewhere in here, but I don’t know how to remove the Item Code.

@Sanif_Sentosa it can be done without custom theme.

When setting up your items, in Item Code, enter what your customers can see. In Item Name enter what they can’t see. Then check Hide item name on printed documents.


Now, when you use item on invoices, only Item Code will be visible to your customers. Not item name.