Inventory item custom field show in sales invoice

Is that possible to show Inventory item custom field show in sales invoice Next to description field in sale invoice

Create a custom filed under the sales-invoice line.


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I want auto pic inventory custom figure in sales invoice

@hd2flex, you need to be clearer. You first asked if an inventory item custom field could show next to the description field. Now you say you want “auto pic inventory custom figure” in a sales invoice. What is this “auto pic inventory custom figure?” Are you making a second request? If so, put it in a different topic.

@Tut i want both of this so tell me should i make another topic or that clarity is enough, i think that is interconnected topic so i feel better to discuss together here.

i have different type of item sizes and its description as well so i want to pic auto description figure and auto item sizes figure which i mention in inventory item custom field.

@hd2flex, my first question was what you meant by “auto pic inventory custom figure.” You did not answer. If you are referring to choosing (picking) an option from a number of standard entries for a custom field, you can already do that. Use a dropdown list type custom field. See

If you create such a custom field for an inventory item, and check the box so it appears on printed documents, your choice will appear on transactions. For example, creating a custom field for inventory items, with options for colors, produces the following:

The same options, however, would be available for all inventory items. If you want different lists, you must create different custom fields.