Show item description and price in production order

Hi @lubos, please would it be possible to show the item description and price in production order.

It has been previously discussed but you didn’t share your opinion?


Why would price be useful on a production order? I assume you mean selling price, but that is independent of production cost or even targeted sales price. You can sell an inventory item for any price you want.

Now, seeing the cost being transferred to the produced item’s subsidiary ledger in Inventory on hand might be useful, especially if there are non-inventory costs included.

Sorry, I should’ve said that the price I wish to see is the cost price for that item.

I am adding motorcycle parts to finish good, a motorcycle. At the moment I am seeing a list of part numbers and no description or purchase prices.

I can work out the difference between the motorcycle cost price and the parts costs by selecting the finish good item in inventory list and subtracting the purchase price for the motorcycle.

At the moment I have to search then select each item in inventory tab and write down the average cost. As we already have a relatively empty production order document, it would will be handy to fill the blank space with the descriptions and costs of the items that are already available.

For those that do not wish to see the item cost price there could be a checkbox “hide cost prices“

As there is currently no reports for production orders, I think this would be much better than just having a relatively blank document.

That makes sense. I’ll move this to the ideas category. My suggestion for columns would be:

  • Qty
  • Item
  • Description
  • Average unit cost
  • Amount

Non-inventory costs could also be added, along with an Average Finished Item Cost.

Sounds perfect :+1:t2:

Hopefully Lubos will consider it.

The Ideas topic Production Orders - Enhancements already includes the suggestion of showing values - see extract below

D) Production Order - Edit Mode
That the Inventory Avg Cost values be displayed.
That the gross values of the PO be displayed.

E) Production Order - View Mode
That any “added non-inventory costs” entered be also displayed.
That the monetary values of both the Inventory and the non Inventory be displayed.
As the Production Order is a type of Journal (transferring values) it should show those values.

As for the Description and Report points, these will be amalgamated into that same topic so there isn’t a duplicating second PO Ideas topic.

Those were not added until your 6th amendment. As you probably know, amendments don’t show up on the forum as updated topics, so I missed them.