Amount column in production order

Please let me know how to hide amount column. In print preview its showing amount column. we dont need that.

Why is it important to hide it?

Because the production employees dont need to see the cost.

I think this is an excellent addition/update, I was looking for it since a long. Many a time I tried to ask for it but perhaps I couldn’t explain myself. Really really very glade to have.
Now if average rate colm can also be added it will be further ensuring correct calculations.

Production department usually send production order to workers to prepare the items. If they know the cost of the materials it’s not a got practice for companies. For MIS report this option may help but it’s may risk companies internal policies and secrets.
Dear Lubos kindly set this option as optional. Since we are rebranding your software our customers are asking to delete this option.

That is fine, but it also facilitate in exact counting/cost. it should not be delted, rather it should be optional.

@lubos Please make the changes as customer requested. We are facing difficulties to manage them

Production Orders are a two stage process, pre manufacture and post manufacture.

Pre-manufacture - sending the recipe to the production factory, no accounting has occurred as no inventory has changed status. The previous un-costed Production Order enabled the recipe to be action without the production staff seeing the costings.

Post-manufacture - accounting has occurred as the inventory has now changed status.
Furthermore, the recipe may have to be adjusted due to spillage, breakage etc.

So you have “Create” Production Order and “Completed” Production Order status’s.
Furthermore, Production Orders could be created on a Monday for the factory to organises it’s work schedule for the week, so some Production Orders may not be actioned until Friday.

If Manager, processes those Production Orders as “completed” on Monday, then the Finished Goods inventory on-hand is overstated.