Add description field for non-inventory costs on production orders

For Non inventory Costs in Production Orders.
Can we add description column?
I am using Manager version 22.7.31

Not sure if I understand your request. In the Manager version you use you can autofill line description for non inventory items (see screenshot below)

For production orders you would as you do select inventory and non-inventory items as needed.

If you also select Hide item name then this description will appear on the printed documents

I don’t believe @AhmedAtia is referring to use of non-inventory items, but to addition of non-inventory costs, which currently allow only specification of account, amount, and division (if relevant). I am adding this to the ideas category and editing the title.

Meanwhile, @AhmedAtia, you could record the same information in a custom field.

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Always appreciate your help and the whole manager team.
Many thanks.